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its COLD here. Just about 20degree here can make my hair really… - Beautiful Dragonflies [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 21st, 2006|10:09 am]



its COLD here. Just about 20degree here can make my hair really stand up & its also windy!!


wish Id have sth warm rite now...or even a warm hug from someone. :)


my mind is kinda "all or nothing" again -eat (?) or binge (?)


tmr i'll get a day off, recieve TOEIC's result, another driving licence, & may meet up my X bf.

hope i dun look disgusting when i meet him.


have u got poppy lov or bf? *curious* 
Love to ALL!
--------------------------------------------- last post -------------------------------------------------
last nite i got up & felt as if i'd be faint or pass out (if i still kept sleepinging). I tried so hard to sleep but i just couldnt. I was thinking of food, binge at the same time. I can feel my heart rate was pretty low. Its also difficult to breathe.

in the end, i decided to left 2roommates who were sleeping, tiptoed & walked to the shop and got some food (ugh!). I had eaten about 950 cal :'(

I dunno y i felt that way...i use to feel like this when i fast (eat less than 50cal per days for more than 2days)

why why why. I used 2b able 2 only drink water for 3days.. but its diff now.. why?

x x x