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Day 1 [Jan. 4th, 2007|07:49 pm]
[mood |blankblank]

So I am finishing up my Day 1 on my fast. It went pretty good today, although I am have strong cravings for food right about now. I think I am going to goto sleep so I am not tempted to eat. All I drank today was 6 cups of water and no food. Only like 20 days to go lol..Well I am going to hit the bed..I am sure I will be updating you soon..Talk to you all later!
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(no subject) [Dec. 21st, 2006|10:09 am]


its COLD here. Just about 20degree here can make my hair really stand up & its also windy!!


wish Id have sth warm rite now...or even a warm hug from someone. :)


my mind is kinda "all or nothing" again -eat (?) or binge (?)


tmr i'll get a day off, recieve TOEIC's result, another driving licence, & may meet up my X bf.

hope i dun look disgusting when i meet him.


have u got poppy lov or bf? *curious* 
Love to ALL!
--------------------------------------------- last post -------------------------------------------------
last nite i got up & felt as if i'd be faint or pass out (if i still kept sleepinging). I tried so hard to sleep but i just couldnt. I was thinking of food, binge at the same time. I can feel my heart rate was pretty low. Its also difficult to breathe.

in the end, i decided to left 2roommates who were sleeping, tiptoed & walked to the shop and got some food (ugh!). I had eaten about 950 cal :'(

I dunno y i felt that way...i use to feel like this when i fast (eat less than 50cal per days for more than 2days)

why why why. I used 2b able 2 only drink water for 3days.. but its diff now.. why?

x x x

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hey vegan gals! [Nov. 30th, 2006|12:09 pm]

I just start beig vegan this week...till 31st Dec ^_^

I need ur help/advice...Im bored of oranges, guave, magos, apples, pears,etc

I live in Thailand so fruits & veggies here r diff :(
any idea for any interestig recipes? Im so afraid I'd be out of control or binge on bad (vega) food e.g. rice, nuts, seeds, wheat flour products..

please help! even idea about "eating the veggie" will be alot appreciated!
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food poisoning? [Nov. 25th, 2006|11:29 pm]

here are the symtoms Iv had since i moved out to a new place

Have i got food poisoning or sth? If so, what shall i do?
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Diets r fad? [Nov. 12th, 2006|09:48 am]

1. Fast
2. Restriction
1. Vegetarian/Vegan diet
2. 2468 diet
3. Raw food diet
4. Negative calorie diet
5. Blood type diet
6. etc.

can u name any diet which is NOT fad pls?
Iv gained 10lbs i guess.. its turrible and Id just wish i could stay at home forever so nobody sees me at all. what an ugly fat one! im up for anything now, but anything that wont make me get back to the binge/fast cycle. comment pls!!!

ps: I'd try Apple diet as iv read from *jujube21* which is eating only RED apple and water...
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Go extreme! [Sep. 5th, 2006|01:38 pm]

shorter post = better?
I did good yesterday but binged b4 goin to bed(UGH!) so today i dun really feel like eating at all (sure i gotta burn those food off n some r still remain *cry*) so get back to the topic
expresso -> exc(walk 30min and fast walkin 30min)
B-Centrum MultiVits4woman + 1-2tbs Hairy basil seeds
Snack- water
L-Diet soda (i'd prefer 'pepsi max') /or/ water [if bad luck cant get one]
Snack- water
expresso -what u think? too much? -> exc(walk 30min and fast walkin 30min-again)
D- 1-2tbs Hairy basil seeds /or/ 1 lite cig
Snack- water

what u guys think? wanna go extreme like this? any advices or nything will b appreciated!

ps: i posed bout 'hairy basil seeds' if u wanna no the detals, feel free to rea my x posts
(low cal, hi calcium,protein,fiber and a bit unsaturated fat,...)

BE thin!
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talkin bout "Plateau" [Sep. 2nd, 2006|10:03 am]

as far as iv experienced by mysf, my plateaus r at 47kg and 45 kg (104 & 99 lbs) my HW is 52kg and now im on the way to reach the 1GW 45kg

its really diff i know, and tho i know its will b worth keep working hard on restriction and exercise (but dun u get low willpower when u cant see the scale drop or a few days or even weeks??)

so shall i do 2468? or any better idea? (i dun hink i can live with under 500 cal on exc day :P)

i do 1hr of cardio about 2-3times a week(just start so over do can b hurt) so i cant fas at all (cos if i dun eat or even consuming enough protein, i will get sick and my metabo is higher=im hungry a bit more ugh!)

i still h8 mysf. iv tried to change my lifestyle but still get depression. Im all alone (among my friends 0r even my family)
where has the feeling of the happiness gone?
miss u all!

Good luck and Be happy!

ps: now its tough to even do a "fake smile" :(
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ru smoking or sneezing? [Aug. 25th, 2006|01:50 pm]

According 2 Ana pyramid (dun laugh lol)
--->Diet pills & soda
-->Smoke & Coffee

pills-gonna get ones & soda-yes
smoke-gonna try**PLS RECOMMENT Im newby**
Food-yes (ugh!)

Q1:r u a fake? (i mean smiling,laughing,...)
Q2:do u have sex to reduce appetite & burn fat?
me-yes (thu i h8 wtf i look when im naked!)
Q3:do u smoke/sneeze? what r em?
Q4:do u h8 me?

pls b honest....i can stand 4 all ur answers!

thx X x X x
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update! [Aug. 10th, 2006|10:49 am]

no post bout "hairy basil seeds" at all :S dunno y?!

HW(08/08/06):53kg (117lbs)
CW(10/08/06):50.3kg (111lbs)

mini gw1:47kg (104lbs)

GW1:45kg (99lbs)

mini gw2:43kg (95lbs)

GW2:40kg (88lbs)

UGW:39kg (85lbs)

im onfasting with "hairy basil seeds" + Jelly + Sweeteners + Sugarfree gums
(not fast: bok choy boiled, carrots,...fresh veggies)

muah think thin!
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Im Ananá [Jul. 31st, 2006|05:41 pm]

^_^ Ananá is my name in spinish! Wow i love this name and also the language!!
my nickname is pine which came from "pineapple" cos mom loved having it a lot when she was pregnant :)

Iv been looking for the tattoo design so far, i think i will have this one on my lower back, what u guys think??

binged lately and tired
will get strict to vegetarian again tomorrow (as its the 1st of Aug-great start for the month)

what's ur name?
have u got any piercings or tattoos?
X x X
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